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9789993549062 - Language of Zoning - Livre

Language of Zoning (?)

ISBN: 9789993549062 (?) ou 9993549061, langue inconnue, American Planning Association, Livre de poche, Nouveau

24,52 (US$ 28,95)¹(sans obligation)
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Language-of-Zoning~~9789993549062, Language of Zoning, Paperback
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Numéro de commande vendeur: 9789993549062
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ISBN (notations alternatives): 99935-49-06-1, 978-99935-49-06-2
9993549061 - Nathalie Brunet; Nick Hobgood: Haiti From Below (English and French Edition) - Livre
Nathalie Brunet; Nick Hobgood (?):

Haiti From Below (English and French Edition) (2010) (?)

ISBN: 9993549061 (?) ou 9789993549062, langue inconnue, Ayiti Nexus, Utilisé

6,77 (US$ 7,99)¹ + Expédition à la France: 4,23 (US$ 4,99)¹ = 11,00 (US$ 12,98)¹(sans obligation)
En Stock
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used books,books, Haiti From Below, a large format book by Nathalie Brunet and featuring gorgeous underwater photos by Nick Hobgood is the first book focusing on the beauty of the coral reefs of Haiti. The book, which comes packaged in a beautifully illustrated box case, features over 100 colorful pictures taken underwater along the northern coast of Haiti including fish, corals, sponges, fan worms, squid and other colorful reef creatures of the Caribbean. The pictures were taken between 2007 and 2010, in locations such as Baie de l Acul, Cachal Beach, Caracol, Cormier, Fort Labouque, Fort Liberté, Isla Amiga, and Labadie. Nick Hobgood, a passionate diver/photographer who fell in love with Haiti from below while exploring the North coast, captured the beautiful images. Reef Check Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of tropical coral reefs and California rocky-reef ecosystems, assisted in the book production by providing scientific identifications of the marine organisms as well as habitat maps for the north coast bays showing the locations for coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass. Two pages in the back of the book also feature photos and text about the first EcoDiver team trained in Haiti by Reef Check. The book includes a discussion of the factors affecting reef status as well as an overview of the economic, social and cultural panorama. There are brief historical accounts of Christopher Columbus, whose boat the Santa Maria sank in Haiti, the Buccaneer
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ISBN (notations alternatives): 99935-49-06-1, 978-99935-49-06-2


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